Accessibility Policy

The State of Texas defines a "state Web site" as any TWU Web site or page including the home page and other key public entry points. Web sites that are created or updated after publication of this policy shall be required to follow these accessibility guidelines. The TWU Office of Marketing & Communication strongly urges site owners and Web Editors to implement these guidelines to existing sites as well.

New sites shall be checked for accessibility compliance before they are added to the TWU sitemap. Existing sites will be assessed for compliance as requests are made by users or others.

TWU Web sites shall comply with the following Web accessibility guidelines:

  1. 502 Bad Gateway
  2. Color shall be used on TWU sites in such a way that colorblind users can use and understand the page content.
  3. 502 Bad Gateway

  • Tables that present data will be tagged so users with screen readers can understand the relationship between the rows and columns. Layout tables shall not be tagged.
  • Image maps shall always be created as client-side and not server-side. An alternative, such as text links, will be provided for all image maps.
  • TWU Web pages shall not depend on any animated elements, such as animated GIFs, Flash movies, etc., to convey essential content, unless that element can be made accessible.
  • Any text-only versions created of graphic Web pages shall be kept current with the graphical version.

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    If you use assistive technology and the format of any material on our Web sites interferes with your ability to access the information, please contact the Director of Web Communication using these contact points:

    Phone: (940) 898-3456

    丹顿,TX 76204

    Please send your name, contact information, the nature of the accessibility problem, and the Web site address or specific Web page that contains your accessibility issues.

    You can also access information at the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities Web site.

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